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Monthly Archives: November 2011

CSS3 How To: Use Text-Shadow Property

This is a very straightforward CSS3 property with wide browser support… except for IE. It works well when used subtly for header text (ie: not how I’ve done it!)

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CSS3 How To: Use Extended Fonts with @font-face Property

The @font-face property marks a revolution in web design, and is now supported by all modern browsers – it allows you to choose from a vast range of different typefaces for your website. Before the @font-face property was introduced, there was no simple and safe way to do this. The stark choice was to either [...]

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CSS3 How To: Create Curved Corners with Border-Radius Property

border-radius is one of the most useful CSS3 properties, though also one of the most easily over-used (um… guilty as charged!). It is particularly convenient for adding simple curved corners to coloured panels, navigation menus, and buttons. In many situations it can be used to replace background box or button images (that in the past [...]

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